Creative Heroes

Creative Heroes is a creation studio. Brave Design since 2010!

Year: 2010 – now
Creative Heroes: Sander Huiberts, Richard van Tol

Hi! We are Sander and Richard and Creative Heroes is our creation studio based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Through Creative Heroes we realize our own projects related (but not limited) to: technology, people, happiness, internet, play, care, games, innovation, music, education, laughs, sound, behavior, gifts, randomness, accessibility, electric upright basses, installations, fun, bread and more!

We centralize creative exploration, allowing us to focus on pretty much anything we fancy, without limits or restrictions, together with like-minded people.
Our background as designers, researchers and consultants in fields such as music-, game- visual-, web- and system design stimulates us to explore creativity beyond a single medium.

We are attracted to create things within a limitless range of contexts, but not just anything: we care deeply for beauty, fun, relevance and innovation. Whatever we do, it should definitely make people happy (not just ourselves) and enrich the world we live in!

We use a range of strategies for realizing our projects: barter collaborations, funds, sponsors and investors, as well as personal investments and sales. We choose partners over clients and collaboration on egalitarian basis. If you have an idea for a cool collaboration simply contact us!


Sander & Richard

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