The Blast

Escape The Blast. Run.

Year: 2016
Creative Heroes: Richard van Tol, Sander Huiberts,

Real-world routes en buildings become in-game problems and possibilities in this single-player strategic running game for iPhone.

The Blast is a concept for a strategic real-world running game. Runners simply plug in their headphones and select a scenario to setup for disaster. Then, start running! The goal of the game is to get out of the blast radius as quickly as possible. All the while, both real world buildings as well as virtual evolving no-go areas obstruct the runners’ paths. The experience is enhanced by an immersive adaptive soundscape. Players can try to collect pickups to buy some extra time and if all fails, maybe find a safe shelter along the way. Each run buys the player points with which new scenarios can be unlocked.

The Blast is not yet in development. If you are interested, please let us know via the form below!