Game Accessibility

Because everyone wants to save the universe!

Year: 2001-present
Creative Heroes: Sander Huiberts, Richard van Tol

The vast majority of modern computer games does not meet the needs of gamers who function under limiting conditions. Limiting conditions can be functional limitations, or disabilities – such as blindness, deafness, or mobility limitations.

As members of IGDA’s Game Accessibility Special Interest Group, Creative Heroes is involved in several projects and activities related to making games (more) accessible for these target groups:


  • Ratjeprak
  • Sneller/Drive
  • Dark
  • The Curb Game
  • One-Button Platform Game (prototype)
  • One-Button Tetris (prototype)
  • One-Button Arkanoid (prototype)


Conferences, Exhibitions, Festivals

  • Building a Manifesto for Game Accessibility (Game Developers Conference 2014)
  • The Sound of Walls – Designing Games for the Blind (First International Conference on Translation and Accessibility in video games and virtual worlds 2010)
  • When Audio IS the Experience: Games for the Visually Impaired (Austin Game Developers Conference 2007)
  • Serious Accessibility for Serious Games (SGS Game Developers Conference 2007)
  • The Untapped Market of One Button Games: Gamers with Disabilities (Game Developers Conference 2007)
  • Accessibility Idol (Game Developers Conference 2007)
  • Game Accessibility Arcade (Game Developers Conference 2007)
  • IGDA Accessibility Workshop (Develop Brighton 2006)
  • Game Not Over: Expanding the Market with Accessible Games (Game Developers Conference 2006)
  • Serious Audio Games (DIGRA NL Seminar Serious Games: Playful)
  • 3D Shooting Games, Multimodal Games, Sound Games and More Working Examples of the Future of Games for the Blind (ICCHP 2004)
  • Drive (26eme Festival International des Ecoles de Cinéma, 2003)
  • Drive – A racing game for the blind (ICEVI 2002)
  • Game On Exhibition (international travelling exhibition, 2002)


  • Huiberts S. & Van Tol, R. (2006), What blind games want the industry to know.
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  • Velleman, E, Van Tol, R., Huiberts, S., Verweij, H. 3D shooting games, multimodal games, sound games and more working examples of the future of games for the blind (ICCHP [Computers Helping People with Special Needs], Paris 2004).