Change your behaviour in a playful way.

Year: 2010
Creative Heroes: Sander Huiberts, Richard van Tol
Website: http://diceforchange.com

Many of us strive to be a better person. To take better care of ourselves, to be more kind to one another or to improve the world we live in. DiceForChange is a concept designed to help you start and act on what you care about. Simply roll the dice to introduce new routines into your life in a playful way and notice how even small and simple actions have a greater positive effect on life.

DiceForChange is a concept that aims to change people’s behaviour in a playful way. It consists of three dice: WellnessDice – for a daily dose of personal wellness, KindnessDice – for random acts of kindness and EcoDice – for ecological awareness.

DiceForChange is available for purchase. The boxed set of three dice is published by BIS Publishers and is available in stores worldwide. You can also order DiceForChange through the BIS Publishers online shop or through resellers such as Amazon, Tesco and Waterstones. For more information please contact us.

DiceForChange is also available for iPhone and iPad as the KindnessDice App, the EcoDice App and the WellnessDice App.


Critical acclaim

“Enter Dice for Change, a wonderful designer set of dice featuring pictograms that help us choose from a menu of pro-social, pro-self and pro-nature actions, a magic-8 ball of sorts for being a better person. […] The beautifully designed wooden gems aren’t commercially available yet, but they’re just too lovely not to materialize.”Big Think

“Be a Better Person, Simply by Rolling the Dice. Introducing the toy that could single-handedly end Deepak Chopra’s career. (Please?). […] They come in three versions — one for health, another for kindness, and a third for environmental conscientiousness — and each one is done up in absurdly cute icons that represent things like “Give someone a present” and “Take the stairs today” and “Shower together today” (Oh, those randy Dutch!).”Fastcodesign

“The concept currently includes three dice: EcoDice – for green awareness, KindnessDice – for random acts of kindness and WellnessDice – for a daily dose of personal wellness.”Design21sdn

“I really like how they cover those three parts: self, society, and environment; because honestly they are all equally important. As my parents always asked/ask me, “If you don’t take care of yourself first, what good are you going to be to others?” The answer of course is no good, because if you’re letting yourself fall apart, whether it be physically or mentally, your ability to perform in other aspects of your life becomes severely restricted. Doing something nice for others is a great way of feeling good about yourself, but it also hopefully creates some kind of endless chain of kindness out there in the world. If I hold the door open for someone who has their hands full then maybe the next opportunity they have to help another out, they will. Lastly, I’m sure we’re all aware of all the attention being placed on taking care of our environment. Our global population is continuing to grow at an incredibly fast rate, and do to advancements in medicine and other technologies we’re hanging around a lot longer than we did even just 50 years ago. With so many of use demanding so many resources, we are putting a strain on the environment in which we are wiping out all sorts of species. If want to maintain any sort of beautiful diversity among whats living on our planet with us we should make the effort to decrease our demand.
Overall, I believe that once these are actually out on the market they will do a pretty good job at competing within the lucrative industry that is self-help. Like the article says, its way more fun to role some dice than to read a book and less time consuming! I would definitely buy them. It would be such an awesome way to start your day!”Rantings of an Undergrad

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