A new minimalistic feedback tool. Use it for real time audience participation, online brainstorming and classroom feedback. is the world’s #1 community portal for audio games: games based on sound.

Creative Heroes

Creative Heroes is a creation studio. Brave Design since 2010!


Drive is a racing game for the blind, featuring only sound and no visuals.

Dubilo - Bad Idea Company


Dubilo is a bad idea company.


Stick a song in someone’s mind!


Extant is a free-roaming survival audio game.


Free the Gluddle from The Supervision in this eyecatching oddball bouncy game for iPhone and iPad! Oi!

Helmut Scream

Meet the younger brother of the Wilhelm Scream: Helmut!

HP Laserjet 4P

Autonomous artwork by our senior printer HP Laserjet 4P.

IEZA: game audio framework

A framework for analysis and synthesis of sound in computer games. Useful for designers and researchers of game audio.

peapop This game might be too small for you


This game might be too small for you.

Random Kucha

A Pecha Kucha-style party game in which players improvise hilarious presentations based on random slides.

Side Projects

We often do side projects. Here are some of them.


Slit, slice and shred game.


Sudo-San is a blind-accessible version of the popular puzzle game Sudoku.


Tasty natural yeast bread

Did you know that bread is one of the oldest prepared foods? Here is one of our celebrated bread designs.

Tug of Gore - Multiplayer iPad Game

Tug of Gore

Pull and stretch Gore against 3 other players in this silly-fun iPad party game.


A collection of writings. By us.


Zadeldankje is a concept that repudiates the current trend of Dutch bicycle saddle advertising.