A framework for analysis and synthesis of sound in computer games. Useful for designers and researchers of game audio.

Year: 2007
Creative Heroes: Sander Huiberts, Richard van Tol
Website: http://captivatingsound.com/ieza-framework-for-game-audio/

Game Audio is one of the primary expertises of Creative Heroes. Some years ago, a lack of theory on game audio was noticeable by its absence and the IEZA Game Audio Framework was developed to help designers conceptualise and develop game audio.

We use the theory of IEZA in our game audio designs and educate scholars with the help of this framework. The theory of IEZA is published in an article on GamaSutra.com, a leading website dealing with the art and business of video games.

For more information and a link to the IEZA Framework, please visit Captivating Sound.com.

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